Fortune 500 - Gender Diversity of Top Management

Gender diversity in the workplace has become an increasingly important topic for company executives around the world. However, the changes in gender distribution at each level of the organization take time, and we still have a long way to go to reach parity.

Craft recently published a report on gender diversity in Silicon Valley technology companies which found that on average, firms with less than 100 employees were 83% male and 17% female. We were curious how gender diversity appeared in larger companies especially on senior management teams. In this report, we explore gender diversity of senior management in Fortune 500 companies. In 2016, these companies generated $12 trillion in combined revenue, accounting for over two-thirds of US GDP, and employing 27 million people worldwide.


The US Fortune 500 companies have in total about 3800 executive team members, of which slightly over 82% are male, and 18% are female.

154 of the 500 companies have 100% male management teams, and none of the executive teams is 100% female.

There are only 27 female CEOs in Fortune 500 List - women make up 5.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

The graph below illustrates gender diversity across sectors and reveals that women are most represented (28%) in the top management of Media companies. They account for approximately a quarter of executive team in such sectors as Household Products and Food & Drug Stores, and 22% in Apparel.

American Automotive companies close the list in terms of gender diversity (8% of women in top management). Telecommunication and Engineering & Construction companies are as well male dominated - 11% and 12% of their senior level management are women respectively.

Sources and Notes:

  • Fortune Magazine US 500 List.
  • Company sites.
  • analysis.
  • Only C-level executives and EVPs of the organizations were analyzed.
  • Companies that went through acquisitions are excluded.

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