$42.8 B

RELX Mkt cap, 16-Aug-2018

£7.4 B

RELX Group Revenue FY, 2017
RELX Group Revenue growth (FY, 2016 - FY, 2017), %7%
RELX Group Gross profit (FY, 2017)4.7 B
RELX Group Gross profit margin (FY, 2017), %64.2%
RELX Group Net income (FY, 2017)1.7 B
RELX Group EBIT (FY, 2017)1.9 B
RELX Group Cash, 31-Dec-2017111 M
RELX Group EV47.6 B

RELX Group Revenue

RELX Group revenue was £7.36 b in FY, 2017 which is a 6.7% year over year increase from the previous period.

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RELX Group Revenue Breakdown

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RELX Group revenue breakdown by business segment: 15.1% from Exhibitions, 23.0% from Legal, 28.2% from Risk & Business Analytics and 33.7% from Scientific, Technical & Medical

RELX Group revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 9.6% from Rest of World, 9.6% from Rest of Europe, 11.6% from The Netherlands, 14.7% from United Kingdom and 54.4% from North America

RELX Group Income Statement


GBPFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


5.8 b6 b6.9 b7.4 b

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

2 b2.1 b2.5 b2.6 b

Gross profit

3.8 b3.8 b4.4 b4.7 b

Gross profit Margin, %


Sales and marketing expense

1.1 b1.2 b

General and administrative expense

1.6 b1.7 b

Operating expense total

2.4 b2.3 b2.7 b2.9 b


1.9 b2 b

EBITDA margin, %



1.4 b1.5 b1.7 b1.9 b

EBIT margin, %


Pre tax profit

1.2 b1.3 b1.5 b1.7 b

Income tax expense

(269 m)(298 m)(304 m)(67 m)

Net Income

960 m1 b1.2 b1.7 b

RELX Group Balance Sheet


GBPFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


276 m122 m162 m111 m

Accounts Receivable

1.3 b1.4 b1.7 b1.6 b

Prepaid Expenses

230 m219 m


142 m158 m209 m197 m

Current Assets

1.9 b1.9 b2.3 b2.2 b


227 m229 m242 m209 m


8.1 b6.4 b6 b

Total Assets

11.1 b11.2 b13.3 b12.3 b

Accounts Payable

333 m244 m297 m240 m

Short-term debt

1.2 b678 m

Current Liabilities

3.9 b4.2 b5.3 b4.5 b

Long-term debt

3.7 b4.2 b

Non-Current Liabilities

5 b4.9 b5.7 b5.4 b

Total Debt

4.8 b4.9 b

Total Liabilities

9 b9 b11 b9.9 b

Common Stock

226 m224 m

Additional Paid-in Capital

3 b3.1 b

Retained Earnings

389 m425 m

Total Equity

2.1 b2.1 b2.4 b2.4 b

Debt to Equity Ratio

2.1 x2.1 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.4 x0.4 x

Financial Leverage

5.3 x5.2 x5.7 x5.2 x

RELX Group Cash Flow


GBPFY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017

Net Income

1 b1.2 b1.7 b

Depreciation and Amortization

599 m585 m

Accounts Receivable

(146 m)35 m


(24 m)2 m

Accounts Payable

98 m(84 m)

Cash From Operating Activities

1.4 b1.7 b1.8 b

Purchases of PP&E

(51 m)(51 m)

Cash From Investing Activities

(668 m)(422 m)

Long-term Borrowings

(481 m)(717 m)

Dividends Paid

583 m(481 m)(717 m)

Cash From Financing Activities

(1.1 b)(1 b)(1.5 b)

Net Change in Cash

(139 m)9 m(45 m)

RELX Group Ratios

GBPY, 2017


25 x


25.8 x


241.9 k


2.1 x


0.4 x

Financial Leverage

5.2 x
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RELX Group Operating Metrics

RELX Group's Journals Launched was reported to be 64 in FY, 2016. RELX Group's Monthly Active Users was reported to be 14 m in FY, 2016.
FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017

Verdict & Settlement Documents (Legal)

1.20 m

Analyses Travel Segments

2.50 b

Attracting Exhibitors (Exhibitions)

130 k


22 k

Citation Records (Sientific, Tecnical & Medical)

1.40 b

Company Profiles (Legal)

320 m

Count Dockets and Documents (Legal)

220 m

Countries (Legal)


Document Processed per Day

20 m


900 k900 k


500 500 500

Generating Connections (Legal)

20 b

Information Records

60 m65 m


4.40 k

Journals Launched

73 64

Languages (Legal)


Monthly Active Users

12 m14 m

Monthly Unique Visitors (Sientific, Tecnical & Medical)

14 m

New Legal Documents (Legal)

1.50 m

Participants (Exhibitions)

7 m

Patent Documents (Legal)

110 m

Premium Sources (Legal)

40 k

Publications (Sientific, Tecnical & Medical)

70 m

Publishers (Sientific, Tecnical & Medical)

5 k

Records (Risk & Business Analytics)

78 b

Research Institutions (Sientific, Tecnical & Medical)

9 k

Research Papers Submitted

1.30 m1.50 m1.60 m

Sectors (Exhibitions)


Sources (Legal)

54 k

State Trial Orders (Legal)

1.90 m

Tracks Flights per Day

100 k

Transaction (Risk & Business Analytics)

100 b

Verification per Year

100 m
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