Palantir has raised $2.5 b in total funding across 5 funding rounds for a $7 m valuation.

Palantir Capital Raised

Source: Stanford Venture Capital Initiative

Palantir Valuation

Source: Sharespost

Palantir Funding Rounds

DateAmount RaisedPost-money ValuationInvestors
Series AJul 2006$7.5 mOakhouse Partners
Series BNov 2006$10.5 m$7 m
Series CFeb 2008$36.8 m$400 mREV
DebtApr 2009$8.3 m
Series DJul 2010$90.1 m$730 mFounders Fund, Youniversity Ventures, Jeremy Stoppelman, Glynn Capital Management, Keith Rabois, Ulu Ventures, Benjamin Ling
Series EMay 2011$50 m$1.7 b
UnattributedSept 2011$68 m
UnattributedMay 2012$56.1 m
UnattributedSept 2013$196.5 m
UnattributedFeb 2014$111.3 m
UnattributedSept 2014$444.2 m
UnattributedDec 2014$50 m
UnattributedDec 2015$879.8 m
UnattributedNov 2016$20 m$20.5 b
IndependentJun 2020$500 mSompo Holdings

Source: Stanford Venture Capital Initiative, Sharespost

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