DistributionNOW revenue

DistributionNOW revenue increased from $2.6 billion in 2017 to $3.1 billion in 2018, a 18.1% increase.

Annual Revenue ($)

DistributionNOW revenue was $3.13 b in FY, 2018 which is a 18.1% year over year increase from the previous period.

Quarterly Revenue ($)

FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Revenue$2.11 b$2.65 b$3.13 b
Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019
Revenue$631 m$651 m$697 m$764 m$777 m$822 m$785 m$776 m$751 m

Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

DistributionNOW revenue breakdown by business segment: 21.2% from Mill Tool, MRO, Safety and Other, 18.8% from Pipe, 16.7% from Fittings and Flanges, 22.1% from Drilling and Production and 21.2% from Valves

DistributionNOW revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 75.8% from United States, 12.7% from International and 11.4% from Canada

FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Valves374 m541 m664 m
Drilling and Production496 m625 m691 m
Fittings and Flanges350 m419 m523 m
Pipe287 m418 m587 m
Mill Tool, MRO, Safety and Other600 m645 m662 m
FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Canada258 m356 m358 m
International404 m378 m398 m
United States1.45 b1.91 b2.37 b