£9.8 M

Kids Allowed Holdings Revenue FY, 2017
Kids Allowed Holdings Gross profit (FY, 2017)2.4 M
Kids Allowed Holdings Gross profit margin (FY, 2017), %25%
Kids Allowed Holdings Net income (FY, 2017)186.1 K
Kids Allowed Holdings EBITDA (FY, 2017)463 K
Kids Allowed Holdings EBIT (FY, 2017)224.6 K
Kids Allowed Holdings Cash, 30-Sep-2017110.5 K

Kids Allowed Holdings Capital Structure

Summary Metrics

Founding Date


Kids Allowed Holdings Financials

Kids Allowed Holdings Income Statement


GBPFY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


6.5 m7.4 m8.2 m8.8 m9.8 m

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

4.3 m5.7 m6.2 m6.4 m7.3 m

Gross profit

2.2 m1.7 m2 m2.4 m2.4 m

Gross profit Margin, %


Operating expense total

1.7 m1.8 m2 m2.2 m


243.4 k415 k645.8 k463 k

EBITDA margin, %



14 k166.1 k390.9 k224.6 k

EBIT margin, %


Pre tax profit

13.1 k158.8 k390.9 k217.2 k

Income tax expense

(32.6 k)(70.7 k)(102.1 k)(31.1 k)

Net Income

(19.5 k)88 k288.9 k186.1 k

Kids Allowed Holdings Balance Sheet


GBPFY, 2007FY, 2008FY, 2009FY, 2010FY, 2011FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


77.2 k91.8 k302.4 k364.6 k215.8 k182.5 k69.4 k153.6 k196.7 k973 110.5 k

Accounts Receivable

135.9 k214.8 k259 k364.1 k443.4 k1.3 m2 m53.1 k67.3 k135.5 k158.4 k


6.8 k8 k12.9 k8.4 k25.8 k27.6 k40.2 k32.7 k28.2 k27.6 k29.8 k

Current Assets

219.8 k314.7 k574.2 k737.1 k685.1 k1.5 m2.1 m2.7 m3.1 m4.1 m5 m


140.9 k246.3 k282.6 k216.8 k293.9 k390.4 k488 k450.9 k359.5 k261.7 k196.2 k


346.8 k302.6 k258.2 k

Total Assets

360.7 k561 k856.9 k1.1 m1.2 m2.2 m3 m3.5 m4.1 m4.8 m5.5 m

Accounts Payable

610.7 k1 m1.9 m3 m3.2 m1.3 m1.9 m354.4 k387.8 k471.6 k433.4 k

Current Liabilities

610.7 k1 m1.9 m3 m3.2 m1.3 m1.9 m2.4 m3 m3.4 m3.7 m

Non-Current Liabilities

848.3 k1.1 m928.1 k17.5 k6.6 k892 250 k

Total Debt

37.7 k150 k

Total Liabilities

1.5 m2.1 m2.8 m3 m3.2 m1.3 m1.9 m2.4 m3 m3.4 m4 m

Additional Paid-in Capital

275 k275 k275 k275 k275 k2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m

Retained Earnings

(19.5 k)88 k288.9 k186.1 k

Total Equity

(1.1 m)(1.6 m)(2 m)(2 m)(2 m)964.2 k1 m1 m1.1 m1.3 m1.5 m

Debt to Equity Ratio

0 x0.1 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0 x0 x

Financial Leverage

-0.3 x-0.4 x-0.4 x-0.5 x-0.6 x2.3 x2.8 x3.4 x3.9 x3.6 x3.6 x

Kids Allowed Holdings Cash Flow


GBPFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017

Net Income

(19.5 k)88 k288.9 k186.1 k

Income Taxes Paid

(32.6 k)(70.7 k)(102.1 k)

Kids Allowed Holdings Ratios

GBPY, 2017


619.3 k


0.1 x

Financial Leverage

3.6 x
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