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Most assosiate Kavli with spread cheese, not an unreasonable assumption, but Kavli is so much more. Kavli is a multinational business who produce and sell food and drink in all the world continents. Kavli was founded in 1893 by Olav Kavli, a farmer's son, when he got his trading licence in Bergen. He had moved there a few years earlier from poor conditions in Bolsøy near Molde, and brought with him 60 kroner of savings and a strong dream of starting his own business. In september of 1923 Olav Kavli had a secret private launch of spread cheese at his home with only 17 specially invited guests. It was a success. Everyone was excited about the cheese. Primula Primula was the world's first cheese spread and soon became a successful product for Kavli. The cheese was sold in several countries even before the onset of the second world war.
Bergen, NO
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Kavli Uk is headquartered in Bergen, NO

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