JCB revenue

JCB revenue increased from £1.1 billion in 2017 to £3.3 billion in 2018, a 190.8% increase.

Annual Revenue (£)

JCB revenue was £3.31 b in FY, 2018

FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Revenue£856.10 m£887.30 m£1.14 b£3.31 b

Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Geographic Segment

JCB revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 16.8% from North America, 38.8% from Europe, 27.4% from United Kingdom, 5.1% from Africa and 12.0% from Other

FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017
India2 m3.90 m2.90 m
Latin America35.80 m30 m30.80 m
Africa46.10 m52 m57.60 m
Far East28.30 m40.30 m49.80 m
Middle East74.40 m57.30 m53.30 m
North America144.60 m150.10 m190.80 m
Europe293.30 m325.90 m440.80 m
United Kingdom231.60 m227.80 m311.50 m