Summary - Funding Rounds

In total, Instagram had raised $57.5 m. Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook

Instagram Income Statement


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Instagram Operating Metrics

Mar, 2014Dec, 2014Sep, 2015Jun, 2016Sep, 2016Oct, 2016Dec, 2016Jan, 2017Apr, 2017Jun, 2017Jul, 2017Aug, 2017Sep, 2017Nov, 2017Jun, 2018

Active Business Profiles

15 m25 m


2 m

Daily Active Users

300 m500 m

Daily Active Users (Instagram Stories)

100 m150 m200 m250 m

Monthly Active Users

200 m300 m400 m500 m600 m700 m800 m1 b

Monthly Users (Instagram Direct)

375 m

User Retention Rate

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Instagram Human Capital

Instagram's employees are reported to be approximately 33% female and 67% male.


Y, 2016
Asian38 %
White52 %
Other10 %


Y, 2016
Male67 %
Female33 %
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