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Annual Revenue (¥)

Hezong revenue was ¥2.37 b in FY, 2021

FY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020FY, 2021
Revenue¥1.99 b¥1.84 b¥1.28 b¥2.37 b

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Hezong revenue breakdown by business segment: 10.5% from RMU, 6.2% from COLUMN SWITCH, 9.9% from SUBSTATIONS, 17.2% from OTHER SWITCHES, 7.1% from TRANSFORMER, 17.1% from FOUR COBALT OXIDE THREE COBALT, 20.4% from FERRIC PHOSPHATE, 6.9% from COBALT HYDROXIDE and 4.6% from Other

FY, 2021FY, 2020FY, 2019FY, 2018
RMU¥249.16 k¥164 k¥339.83 k¥858.49 k
COLUMN SWITCH¥147.68 k¥76.38 k¥71.71 k¥80.77 k
SUBSTATIONS¥236.33 k¥124.25 k¥191.2 k¥179.67 k
CABLE ACCESSORIES¥8.84 k¥10.7 k¥7.84 k¥1.05 k
OTHER SWITCHES¥409.33 k¥206.53 k¥343.27 k¥241.57 k
TRANSFORMER¥169.08 k¥120.33 k¥124.56 k¥128.58 k
FOUR COBALT OXIDE THREE COBALT¥407.57 k¥276.62 k¥460.99 k¥243.9 k
COBALT HYDROXIDE¥164.09 k¥157.63 k¥132.66 k¥208.59 k
FERRIC PHOSPHATE¥485.46 k¥113.09 k¥102.95 k¥13.71 k
POWER ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICE¥42.56 k¥23.44 k¥57.82 k¥49.6 k
EPC¥58.73 k

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