General Electric (GE) stock price, revenue, and financials

General Electric market cap is $56.1 b, and annual revenue was $95.21 b in FY 2019

$56.1 B

GE Mkt cap, 25-May-2020

$95.2 B

General Electric Revenue FY, 2019
General Electric Revenue growth (FY, 2018 - FY, 2019), %(22%)
General Electric Gross profit (FY, 2019)25.2 B
General Electric Gross profit margin (FY, 2019), %26.5%
General Electric Net income (FY, 2019)-4.9 B
General Electric Cash, 31-Dec-201936.4 B
General Electric EV112.1 B

General Electric Revenue

General Electric revenue was $95.21 b in FY, 2019 which is a 21.7% year over year decrease from the previous period.

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General Electric Revenue Breakdown

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General Electric revenue breakdown by business segment: 9.2% from Capital, 20.9% from Healthcare, 34.4% from Aviation, 16.1% from Renewable Energy and 19.5% from Power

General Electric revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 87.6% from United States and 12.4% from Other

General Electric Income Statement


USDFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


General and administrative expense


Operating expense total


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income





USDQ1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019



Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


General and administrative expense


Operating expense total


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income


General Electric Balance Sheet


USDFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Accounts Receivable








Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Dividends Payable


Short-term debt


Long-term debt


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Common Stock


Preferred Stock


Additional Paid-in Capital


Retained Earnings


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

1.6 x2.1 x3.1 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.4 x0.4 x0.3 x

Financial Leverage

4.6 x6 x8.9 x

General Electric Cash Flow


USDFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019

Net Income


Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable




Accounts Payable


Cash From Operating Activities


Purchases of PP&E


Cash From Investing Activities


Short-term Borrowings


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Interest Paid


Income Taxes Paid



USDQ1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019

Net Income


Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable




Accounts Payable


Cash From Operating Activities


Purchases of PP&E


Cash From Investing Activities


Short-term Borrowings


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


General Electric Ratios

USDY, 2019


12.8 x




3.1 x


0.3 x

Financial Leverage

8.9 x

P/E Ratio


General Electric Operating Metrics

FY, 2014Q1, 2015Q2, 2015Q3, 2015FY, 2015Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016FY, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017FY, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018FY, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019FY, 2019


175 180 180 180 180 170

Manufacturing Facilities

502 501 509 539 459 284

Gas Turbines Ordered

75 43 11 20 17 74

Gas Turbines Sold

108 107 104 20 21 22 102 12 7 9 42 7 11 12 53

Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines Ordered

16 15 63

Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines Sold

4 9 38

HA-Turbines Ordered

7 5 18

HA-Turbines Sold

5 11

Aeroderivative Units Ordered

4 2 11

Aeroderivative Units Sold

7 3 15

Gas Turbines Ordered, GW

4 3 13

Wind Turbines Ordered

3.02 k3.20 k970 984 1.18 k4.33 k

Wind Turbines Sold

2.88 k2.87 k3.29 k567 757 749 2.60 k352 351 952 2.49 k353 804 1.13 k3.42 k

Wind Turbines Ordered, MW

2.67 k3.89 k12.76 k

Wind Turbines Sold, MW

2.26 k3.15 k9.53 k

Commercial Engines Ordered

2.57 k4.77 k799 2.39 k

Commercial Engines Sold

2.57 k2.59 k2.75 k631 651 641 2.63 k651 697 714 2.83 k751 2.86 k

GEnx Engines Ordered


GEnx Engines Sold

259 296

LEAP Engines Ordered

1.42 k3.64 k636 1.57 k

LEAP Engines Sold

77 81 93 111 459 186 250 303 1.12 k424 1.74 k

Military Engines Ordered

522 751 26 801

Military Engines Sold

1.07 k766 571 120 137 145 617 138 204 160 674 161 717

Locomotives Ordered

438 1.07 k

Locomotives Sold

796 985 749 157 120 77 433 60 54 40 272

Backlog (GE Industrial)

$260.70 b$267.60 b$272.10 b$269.70 b$314.50 b$316.10 b$319.60 b$319.20 b$320.90 b$324.30 b$326.80 b$328 b$341.30 b$372.30 b$376.70 b$378.90 b$391 b$374.20 b$396.50 b$386 b$404.60 b

Backlog (Equipment, GE Industrial)

$84.10 b$83.90 b$84.20 b$84.30 b$84.70 b$85.70 b$87.10 b$89 b$88.80 b$84.40 b$19.40 b$80 b$79 b

Backlog (Services, GE Industrial)

$236.80 b$240.40 b$242.60 b$243.70 b$256.70 b$286.70 b$289.50 b$289.90 b$302.20 b$289.80 b$67 b$306 b$325.60 b

Order Volume (GE Industrial)

$111.80 b$23.10 b$27.10 b$23.20 b$105.90 b$23.50 b$26.60 b$26.90 b$110.90 b$25.70 b$28.30 b$29.80 b$118.80 b$27.40 b$31.10 b$31.40 b$124 b$26.20 b$28.70 b$22.50 b$90.30 b

Order Volume (Equipment, GE Industrial)

$55.20 b$12.30 b$14.10 b$13.90 b$58.20 b$13 b$15.40 b$15.90 b$61.90 b$12.30 b$2.10 b$11.30 b$45 b

Order Volume (Services, GE Industrial)

$55.70 b$13.40 b$14.20 b$15.90 b$60.60 b$14.50 b$15.70 b$15.60 b$62.10 b$14 b$2.80 b$11.30 b$45.30 b

Backlog (Power)

$84.70 b$84.60 b$88 b$98.90 b$98.40 b$95.90 b$94.30 b$93.70 b$91.90 b$92.90 b$86.40 b$86.80 b$85.30 b

Backlog (Equipment, Power)

$17.60 b$18.40 b$19.10 b$27.20 b$27 b$25.80 b$24.90 b$25 b$24.30 b$24.70 b$19.40 b$19 b$17.70 b

Backlog (Services, Power)

$67 b$66.30 b$68.90 b$71.70 b$71.30 b$70.20 b$69.40 b$68.70 b$67.60 b$68.20 b$67 b$67.80 b$67.60 b

Order Volume (Power)

$32 b$6.10 b$7.70 b$8.30 b$37 b$5.60 b$7.40 b$6.60 b$27.50 b$4.80 b$4.90 b$3.90 b$16.90 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Power)

$13.50 b$2.30 b$3.10 b$3.90 b$18 b$2.30 b$3.40 b$3.30 b$13.10 b$1.90 b$2.10 b$1.30 b$5.20 b

Order Volume (Services, Power)

$18.40 b$3.80 b$4.60 b$4.40 b$19 b$3.20 b$4 b$3.40 b$14.40 b$2.90 b$2.80 b$2.60 b$11.70 b

Backlog (Renewable Energy)

$13.10 b$13.40 b$13.30 b$14.40 b$15 b$16 b$16.50 b$16.30 b$17.30 b$18.50 b$25.70 b$27.40 b$27.50 b

Backlog (Equipment, Renewable Energy)

$7.80 b$7.80 b$7.60 b$7.60 b$8.10 b$8.50 b$9 b$8.10 b$8.50 b$9.60 b$15.30 b$16.40 b$16.30 b

Backlog (Services, Renewable Energy)

$5.30 b$5.60 b$5.70 b$6.70 b$6.90 b$7.50 b$7.50 b$8.30 b$8.70 b$9 b$10.40 b$10.90 b$11.20 b

Order Volume (Renewable Energy)

$10.30 b$2.10 b$2.10 b$3 b$10.40 b$2.40 b$1.70 b$2.90 b$10.90 b$2.40 b$3.70 b$5 b$16.90 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Renewable Energy)

$8.50 b$1.70 b$1.80 b$2.20 b$8.20 b$2.10 b$1.20 b$1.70 b$7.90 b$2 b$2.90 b$4.30 b$14 b

Order Volume (Services, Renewable Energy)

$1.70 b$400 m$300 m$700 m$2.20 b$300 m$600 m$1.20 b$3 b$400 m$800 m$700 m$2.90 b

Backlog (Aviation)

$154.50 b$158 b$158.60 b$160.70 b$170.40 b$201.60 b$208.10 b$210.90 b$223.50 b$223.50 b$243.90 b$252.90 b$273.20 b

Backlog (Equipment, Aviation)

$33.30 b$33 b$33.50 b$33.20 b$32.80 b$34.50 b$36.10 b$37.80 b$37.80 b$38 b$38.20 b$38.20 b$39.10 b

Backlog (Services, Aviation)

$121.30 b$125 b$125.10 b$127.50 b$18.90 b$167.10 b$171.90 b$173.10 b$185.70 b$185.40 b$205.70 b$214.70 b$234.10 b

Order Volume (Aviation)

$26.30 b$7.40 b$7.30 b$6.90 b$29.50 b$8.10 b$9.50 b$9.10 b$35.50 b$8.70 b$8.60 b$8.80 b$36.70 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Aviation)

$10 b$2.70 b$2.80 b$2.20 b$10.60 b$3.20 b$4.50 b$4.10 b$15.30 b$3.20 b$3.50 b$3 b$14.50 b

Order Volume (Services, Aviation)

$16.30 b$4.70 b$4.50 b$4.60 b$18.90 b$5 b$5 b$5.10 b$20.20 b$5.50 b$5.10 b$5.80 b$22.30 b

Backlog (Healthcare)

$16.80 b$17 b$17.50 b$18.10 b$18.10 b$17.70 b$17.60 b$17.30 b$17.40 b$17.90 b$18.20 b$18.10 b$18.50 b

Backlog (Equipment, Healthcare)

$5.60 b$5.70 b$5.70 b$6.20 b$6.50 b$6.10 b$6.20 b$6.20 b$6.30 b$6.60 b$6.70 b$6.70 b$7 b

Backlog (Services, Healthcare)

$11.20 b$11.30 b$11.70 b$12 b$11.60 b$11.50 b$11.40 b$11.10 b$11.20 b$11.30 b$11.50 b$11.40 b$11.50 b

Order Volume (Healthcare)

$19.20 b$4.50 b$5 b$5.10 b$20.40 b$4.70 b$5.30 b$5.10 b$20.90 b$4.90 b$5.20 b$5.10 b$21.20 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Healthcare)

$11.40 b$2.60 b$3 b$3.10 b$12.40 b$2.70 b$3.10 b$3.10 b$12.60 b$2.90 b$3.20 b$3.10 b$13 b

Order Volume (Services, Healthcare)

$7.80 b$1.90 b$2 b$2 b$8.10 b$2.10 b$2.20 b$2 b$8.30 b$2 b$2 b$2.10 b$8.20 b

Backlog (Oil and Gas)

$20.80 b$20.40 b$20 b$20.90 b$21 b$21.80 b$21.40 b$21.30 b$21.50 b$20.90 b$21.10 b

Backlog (Equipment, Oil and Gas)

$6.50 b$6 b$5.50 b$5.70 b$5.40 b$5.30 b$5.30 b$5.30 b$5.70 b$5.40 b$5.60 b

Backlog (Services, Oil and Gas)

$14.30 b$14.40 b$14.50 b$15.20 b$15.70 b$16.60 b$16 b$16 b$15.80 b$15.50 b$15.60 b

Order Volume (Oil and Gas)

$11.10 b$2.60 b$3.20 b$5.70 b$17.20 b$5.20 b$6 b$5.80 b$23.90 b$5.70 b$6.50 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Oil and Gas)

$3.70 b$900 m$1.40 b$2.30 b$6.80 b$1.90 b$2.50 b$2.20 b$9.90 b$2.30 b$2.80 b

Order Volume (Services, Oil and Gas)

$7.40 b$1.70 b$1.80 b$3.40 b$10.40 b$3.30 b$3.50 b$3.50 b$13.90 b$3.40 b$3.70 b

Backlog (Transportation)

$20.10 b$20 b$18.50 b$14.50 b$17.90 b$18.80 b$18.30 b$18.80 b$18.90 b

Backlog (Equipment, Transportation)

$4.40 b$4.40 b$4.20 b$4.10 b$4.80 b$5.30 b$5.40 b$6.40 b$6 b

Backlog (Services, Transportation)

$15.70 b$15.60 b$14.30 b$10.40 b$13.20 b$13.50 b$13 b$12.50 b$12.90 b

Order Volume (Transportation)

$3.40 b$1.10 b$800 m$1.10 b$5.10 b$1.50 b$1.10 b$2 b$5.70 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Transportation)

$400 m$500 m$200 m$200 m$2.10 b$700 m$500 m$1.40 b$2.80 b

Order Volume (Services, Transportation)

$3 b$600 m$600 m$800 m$3 b$800 m$600 m$600 m$2.90 b

Backlog (Lighting)

$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m

Backlog (Equipment, Lighting)

$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m$200 m

Order Volume (Lighting)

$200 m$1.20 b$200 m$300 m$200 m$1 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Lighting)

$200 m$1.10 b$200 m$300 m$200 m$900 m

Order Volume (Services, Lighting)

$100 m

Backlog (Energy Connections and Lighting)

$11.10 b$10.70 b$10.80 b

Backlog (Equipment, Energy Connections and Lighting)

$9.30 b$8.70 b$8.60 b

Backlog (Services, Energy Connections and Lighting)

$1.80 b$2 b$2.10 b

Order Volume (Energy Connections and Lighting)

$11.70 b$2.60 b$3 b

Order Volume (Equipment, Energy Connections and Lighting)

$9.20 b$1.90 b$2.20 b

Order Volume (Services, Energy Connections and Lighting)

$2.60 b$700 m$700 m

Repower Units Ordered

494 318

Repower Units Sold

221 266

H-Turbines Ordered


H-Turbines Sold


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