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F2G is an established UK Biotech focusing on the discovery and development of novel drugs to treat life threatening fungal diseases. Fungal infection typically affects the immune-compromised patient where mortality rates are often very high. This patient population is increasing year by year due to increased cases of cancer, organ transplants and the use of potent medicines that affect the immune system. As a result serious fungal infections continue to increase. The focus at F2G is to serve the current unmet medical need by developing drugs that target the most difficult to treat fungi, especially those with the highest mortality rates. Through its proprietary genomics technology and antifungal screening activities F2G has identified a number of novel chemical series with potent antifungal activity. These novel series form the basis of the F2G development pipeline. Currently F2G is advancing its F3 series of anti mould compounds. This is a novel class of antifungal agent, which acts through a completely new mechanism different from all currently marketed drugs. The F3 series displays highly potent activity against clinically relevant aspergilli and many other important pathogenic moulds. F2G has a dedicated team of experienced scientists from a wide variety of research and drug development backgrounds supported by an experienced management group with many years experience of drug development within the Pharmaceutical industry.
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  • Mike Birch
  • Ian Nicholson

    Ian Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer

  • Ralf Schmid

    Ralf Schmid, Chief Financial Officer

    • John H. Rex

      John H. Rex, Chief Medical Officer

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