Annual Revenue (£)

Euromoney Institutional Investor revenue was £390.28 m in FY, 2018

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Revenue£104.28 m£131.05 m£176.93 m£168.24 m£192.12 m£204.78 m£179.73 m£158.94 m£174.65 m£196.27 m£220.48 m£305.15 m£332.06 m£317.59 m£330.01 m£363.14 m£394.14 m£404.70 m£406.56 m£403.41 m£366.06 m£386.92 m£390.28 m
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Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

Euromoney Institutional Investor revenue breakdown by business segment: 16.6% from Delegates, 10.5% from Advertising, 56.3% from Subscriptions and Content and 16.6% from Sponsorship

Euromoney Institutional Investor revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 11.1% from Rest of World, 51.0% from North America and 37.9% from United Kingdom

FY, 2017
Delegates64.68 m
Advertising40.73 m
Subscriptions and Content219.52 m
Sponsorship64.64 m
FY, 2017
Rest of World48.63 m
North America224.49 m
United Kingdom166.85 m
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