Cutting-Edge Visibility into Your Supply Chain

Supply chain teams use our real-time data for risk mapping and increasing negotiating leverage with suppliers.

Transform Your Supply Chain Management with Craft


Spot possible risks in advance and diagnose potential impact

Craft can help answer:

  • Which suppliers are exhibiting signs of weakness?
  • What technologies and software do our suppliers use?
  • What cyber risks do our suppliers expose us to?
  • Where are our suppliers' operations located around the globe?

Extensive Data Coverage

Craft tracks 300+ data points on companies through time, generating actionable signals that drive decisions for your business

  • Operating Metrics

  • Human Capital

  • Financials

  • Market Landscape

  • Other Data

Get alerts on any data point

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Learn how Craft helps a Fortune 100 Industrial Manufacturer continuously monitor 10,000+ companies in their global supply chain

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Craft has played an instrumental role in building our supply chain intelligence platform. By analyzing company structure, financial performance, hiring practices, and relevant news, our supply chain remains proactive in identifying risk and mitigating potential issues. Craft is outstanding to work with and puts the customer first – we are lucky to have them on our team."

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    Top 5 Industrial Manufacturer

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