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Craft structures hard-to-find company data from thousands of sources. We track 300+ data points on companies through time, generating powerful insights for better-informed decisions in your business.

Market Intelligence

Transform your enterprise with cutting-edge visibility into your ecosystem

Who uses Craft?

Supply Chain analysts gain deep visibility into their supply chain and reduce risk of disruption

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Extensive Data Coverage

Craft tracks 300+ data points on companies through time, generating actionable signals that drive decisions for your business

  • Operating Metrics

  • Human Capital

  • Financials

  • Market Landscape

  • Other Data

Get alerts on any data point

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Receive timely and actionable insights on companies and triggers that are relevant to you

  • Market valuation
  • Funding rounds
  • Financial report
  • News and blogs
  • Headcount
  • And more!

Enterprise-ready API

Fetch all the information you need on a specific company, with a single API call

  • 300+ data points
  • Unlimited use within your organization
  • Simple pricing
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  • tooltipSalesforce
  • tooltipTableau
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Seamless Integration With Your Tools

Access and visualize the data you need in the software you already use

  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • Tableau
  • Custom integrations
  • Excel
  • And more!

Company Intelligence Portal

Bring the full power of Craft into your organization with a secure, customizable portal

  • Select modules relevant to your organization
  • Grant different access levels to different teams
  • Customizable company tracker for your organization
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Simple pricing for powerful insights

Our simple subscription pricing is based on the number of companies you track and gives you unlimited use across your organization.

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Unlimited use

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