We are scientists, technologists, and problem-solvers working hand-in-hand with doctors and researchers to tackle one of healthcare’s big challenges: how to make their data more usable. Using math, unstructured data analytics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, we help doctors and researchers get the information they need to get life-saving cures to patients faster. Founded in 2014, Deep 6 Analytics is a privately held company headquartered in Pasadena, California, a technology and design innovation hub and home to leading science, research, and design institutions. WHAT WE DO About 90% of all data in the world is unstructured, yet very few software tools know how to leverage the information it contains. We build smarter applications that understand massive amounts of unstructured data at a very high speed and learn from users to single out the information that is most important to them. Deep 6 Analytics applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to the medical information contained in electronic health records to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, cutting recruitment delays significantly and getting life-saving cures to people more quickly. WHO WE HELP Deep 6 Analytics helps researchers find more patients for clinical trials faster, cutting months or even years off the time it takes to advance their research and get new cures to patients. We also help physicians identify trials for their patients as alternative treatments when standard methods of care do not work. By leveraging the information already contained in medical health records, Deep 6 Analytics also enables patients to find clinical trials they are eligible for, giving them more control over their health and treatment options.
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