Daimler (DAI.DE) stock price, revenue, and financials

Daimler market cap is €85.3 b, and annual revenue was €172.75 b in FY 2019

€85.3 B

DAI.DE Mkt cap, 11-Jun-2021

€30.2 B

Daimler Revenue Q2, 2020
Daimler Gross profit (Q2, 2020)2.7 B
Daimler Gross profit margin (Q2, 2020), %8.9%
Daimler Net income (Q2, 2020)-1.9 B
Daimler EBIT (Q2, 2020)-1.7 B
Daimler Cash, 30-Jun-202021.9 B
Daimler EV220.9 B

Daimler Revenue

Daimler revenue was €172.75 b in FY, 2019 which is a 3.2% year over year increase from the previous period.

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Daimler Revenue Breakdown

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Daimler revenue breakdown by business segment: 15.2% from Daimler Financial Services, 8.0% from Mercedes-Benz Vans , 22.2% from Daimler Trucks, 51.9% from Mercedes-Benz Cars and 2.6% from Other

Daimler revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 25.0% from Other Europe, 26.3% from United States, 6.0% from Other Markets, 12.6% from Other Asia, 11.0% from China , 15.2% from Germany and 3.9% from Other

Daimler Income Statement


EURFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


Sales and marketing expense


R&D expense


General and administrative expense


Operating expense total




EBIT margin, %


Interest expense


Interest income


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income



Daimler Balance Sheet


EURFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Accounts Receivable


Prepaid Expenses




Current Assets






Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Short-term debt


Current Liabilities


Long-term debt


Non-Current Liabilities


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Common Stock


Additional Paid-in Capital


Retained Earnings


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

1.9 x2.2 x2.6 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.5 x0.5 x0.5 x

Financial Leverage

3.9 x4.3 x4.8 x

Daimler Cash Flow


EURFY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019

Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable




Accounts Payable


Cash From Operating Activities


Purchases of PP&E


Cash From Investing Activities


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Income Taxes Paid



Daimler Ratios

EURFY, 2017


13 x


-115.7 x




1.9 x


0.5 x

Financial Leverage

3.9 x

P/E Ratio


Daimler Operating Metrics

Daimler's Vehicles Shipped was reported to be 541.8 k in Q2, 2020. Daimler's Customers was reported to be 31 m in FY, 2018.
FY, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q4, 2017FY, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q4, 2018FY, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019Q4, 2019FY, 2019Q1, 2020Q2, 2020

Vehicles Shipped

3 m754.26 k822.5 k824.13 k873.04 k3.27 m806.91 k833.01 k794.75 k917.76 k3.35 m773.8 k821.67 k839.33 k910.16 k3.34 m644.32 k541.83 k

Production Volume

3.04 m800.44 k828.74 k860.81 k831.36 k3.32 m845.76 k865.66 k880.2 k803.04 k3.39 m858.26 k839.93 k881.88 k757.69 k3.34 m718.3 k476.38 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars)

2.2 m568.07 k595.18 k597.25 k613.03 k2.37 m594.3 k590.69 k559.54 k556.42 k2.37 m555.31 k575.64 k604.66 k649.83 k2.39 m470.58 k408.92 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars)

2.23 m594.78 k619.37 k603.77 k606.5 k2.42 m625.03 k629.46 k556.98 k627.6 k2.44 m587.92 k607.13 k617.97 k643.33 k2.46 m483.24 k461.95 k

Vehicles Produced (Mercedes-Benz Cars)

2.24 m584.94 k600.36 k639.06 k587.02 k2.41 m608.07 k601.34 k632.44 k556.42 k2.4 m614.09 k588.25 k655.41 k539.92 k2.4 m517.3 k350.66 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks)

415.11 k94.01 k116.43 k126.56 k133.71 k470.71 k113.85 k123.91 k136.06 k143.52 k517.34 k115.92 k126.47 k125.38 k120.75 k488.52 k92.47 k57.95 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks)

435.72 k98.06 k112.48 k116.28 k138.5 k465.32 k112.22 k123.26 k124.93 k147.62 k508.03 k115.02 k121.75 k123.33 k127.41 k487.51 k

Vehicles Produced (Daimler Trucks)

411.27 k104.8 k119.52 k129.85 k122.16 k476.33 k120.77 k128.26 k141.91 k133.91 k524.85 k125.6 k127.22 k126.38 k102.74 k481.95 k102.25 k50.89 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans)

359.1 k86.78 k103.39 k93.11 k117.75 k401.03 k93.02 k110.88 k91.41 k126.09 k421.4 k97.04 k111.12 k100.33 k129.9 k438.39 k76.16 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans)

309.24 k72.14 k87.45 k82.32 k96.76 k338.67 k74.19 k84.61 k72.13 k103.14 k334.07 k75.87 k93.41 k86.26 k129.9 k438.39 k64.59 k4.04 k

Vehicles Produced (Mercedes-Benz Vans)

368.57 k104.12 k100.88 k84.82 k115.31 k405.13 k110 k127.44 k97.35 k105.53 k440.31 k111.6 k115.79 k91.67 k106.83 k425.89 k92.26 k71.42 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses)

26.23 k5.4 k7.5 k7.21 k8.56 k28.68 k5.74 k7.52 k7.74 k9.88 k30.89 k5.53 k8.44 k8.96 k9.69 k32.61 k5.11 k3.09 k

Vehicles Produced (Daimler Buses)

26.18 k6.58 k7.97 k7.09 k6.87 k28.52 k6.92 k8.62 k8.51 k2.02 k31.23 k6.97 k8.67 k8.42 k8.2 k32.26 k6.5 k3.41 k

Contract Volume (Daimler Financial Services)

€132.57 b€135.04 b€134.16 b€135.77 b€139.91 b€139.91 b€141.68 b€146.71 b€148.81 b€154.07 b€154.07 b€157.37 b€156.46 b€160.42 b$159.63 b$162.84 b$159.63 b$153.7 b

New Business (Daimler Financial Services)

€61.81 b€16.81 b€17.93 b€17.44 b€18.55 b€70.72 b€17.86 b€18.34 b€16.61 b€19.11 b€71.93 b€17.32 b€18.36 b€18.28 b$20.41 b$74.38 b$16.17 b$13.97 b

Cities (Ride-Hailing Group)


Cities (car2go)


Cities (moovel)



11.5 m14.5 m15.88 m17.78 m17.78 m21.4 m23.5 m25.97 m31.04 m31.04 m

Customers (Ride-Hailing Group)

6.5 m9 m9.68 m11.08 m11.08 m13.9 m15.3 m16.9 m21.3 m21.3 m

Customers (car2go)

2.4 m2.6 m2.8 m3 m3 m3.1 m3.2 m3.39 m3.59 m3.59 m

Customers (moovel)

2.6 m2.9 m3.4 m3.7 m3.7 m4.4 m5 m5.68 m6.16 m6.16 m

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks)

386.36 k123.73 k114.36 k116.69 k145.81 k500.59 k183.76 k143.96 k129.33 k132.35 k589.4 k101.38 k96.19 k91.97 k109.15 k398.69 k85.82 k56.95 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Asia)

125.03 k40.23 k39 k42.86 k39.74 k161.83 k50.52 k40.83 k39.68 k32.47 k163.5 k38.56 k32.83 k35.43 k32.63 k139.44 k23.95 k18.85 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Brazil)

12.1 k2.43 k2.92 k3.66 k4.38 k13.39 k4.03 k4.42 k5.95 k7 k21.4 k6.1 k7.3 k8.16 k8.14 k29.69 k5 k4.81 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, EU30)

79.66 k21.31 k19.74 k18.97 k22.89 k82.9 k23.73 k21.39 k17.67 k29.04 k91.83 k20.47 k18.49 k12.1 k18.54 k69.61 k16.26 k10.27 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Germany)

30.78 k8.75 k7.5 k6.58 k8.2 k31.02 k10.01 k8.52 k7.46 k10.47 k36.45 k8.76 k6.87 k5.18 k7.12 k27.92 k7.3 k4.47 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, India)

12.27 k4.34 k4.95 k5.07 k3.84 k18.2 k9.62 k2.53 k5.43 k5 k22.58 k5.83 k3.07 k4.2 k1.52 k14.62 k1.74 k2.11 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Indonesia)

27.88 k11.86 k10.29 k14.37 k15.57 k52.08 k18.54 k16.13 k11.99 k7.24 k53.91 k13.07 k8.21 k10.75 k12.05 k44.08 k3.47 k2.08 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Japan)

48.32 k12.5 k12.28 k11.58 k11.98 k48.34 k12.38 k12.31 k10.73 k10.84 k46.25 k12.19 k11.16 k10.42 k10.77 k44.54 k11.63 k18.85 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Latin America)

25.99 k5.42 k6.58 k8.13 k8.4 k28.52 k7.99 k7.99 k9.25 k9.7 k34.92 k8.63 k10.13 k11.96 k10.84 k41.56 k6.4 k5.78 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, NAFTA )

118.53 k45.97 k35.99 k35.11 k62.89 k179.95 k88.65 k62.72 k50.55 k54.28 k256.19 k27.01 k28.05 k26.04 k40.62 k121.71 k32.84 k4.85 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, Rest of World)

37.15 k10.8 k13.06 k11.63 k11.9 k47.39 k12.87 k11.04 k12.19 k6.86 k42.96 k6.7 k6.7 k6.45 k6.51 k26.36 k6.38 k4.85 k

Incoming Orders (Daimler Trucks, USA)

97.13 k37.79 k31.08 k27.19 k56.15 k152.21 k72.24 k52.39 k49.51 k46.11 k220.24 k24.25 k23.59 k22.6 k37.09 k107.52 k27.04 k16.46 k


21.3 m26.4 m31.7 m36.42 m115.82 m37.5 m42.4 m46.8 m59.26 m185.96 m

Interactions (Ride-Hailing Group)

10 m14.7 m19.7 m24.26 m68.66 m25 m29.6 m33.3 m45.05 m132.95 m

Interactions (car2go)

6.2 m6.3 m6 m6.36 m24.86 m6.3 m6.1 m6 m6.87 m25.27 m

Interactions (moovel)

5.1 m5.4 m6 m5.81 m22.31 m6.2 m6.7 m7.5 m7.34 m27.74 m

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Asia)

133.49 k35.97 k33.55 k36.49 k43.37 k149.37 k38.06 k39.73 k36.3 k46.03 k160.12 k34.87 k32.12 k35.07 k36.68 k138.74 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Brazil)

12.94 k2.51 k2.95 k3.51 k4.07 k13.04 k3.54 k4.57 k6.02 k6.63 k20.76 k5.6 k7.06 k8.07 k7.33 k28.05 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, EU30)

78.89 k16.6 k20.98 k19.31 k24 k80.89 k18.62 k20.82 k20.6 k25.1 k85.14 k18.68 k22.07 k18.57 k21.41 k80.72 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Germany)

31.49 k6.46 k8.07 k8.1 k9.1 k31.73 k6.11 k7.84 k8.69 k10.3 k32.94 k6.58 k7.85 k8.62 k8.46 k31.5 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, India)

12.31 k4.49 k3.26 k4.56 k4.83 k17.13 k5.76 k5.53 k4.95 k5.27 k21.51 k4.47 k4.05 k3.55 k3.13 k15.2 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Indonesia)

31.76 k9.73 k9.8 k10.01 k13.96 k43.49 k12.32 k14.8 k11.94 k17.05 k56.1 k9.77 k8.95 k10.94 k9.13 k42.46 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Japan)

46.04 k11.84 k10.08 k12.02 k11.3 k45.23 k11.96 k10.27 k10.51 k10.83 k43.57 k11.05 k9.96 k12.11 k36.68 k138.74 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Latin America)

28.29 k6.4 k6.99 k7.77 k8.97 k30.13 k8.75 k8.24 k10.04 k10.68 k37.71 k8.17 k9.91 k11.27 k11.38 k40.73 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, NAFTA )

157.26 k31.82 k39.97 k41.15 k47.6 k160.54 k39.39 k44.33 k49.3 k53.09 k186.12 k47.41 k50.31 k51.44 k47.12 k196.29 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Rest of World)

37.79 k7.27 k11 k11.57 k14.56 k44.39 k7.41 k10.15 k8.7 k12.7 k38.95 k5.89 k7.34 k6.99 k12.7 k31.03 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, USA)

131.79 k27.79 k33.39 k35.46 k39.38 k136.03 k34.55 k37.32 k41.83 k44.11 k157.8 k41.98 k41.5 k46.35 k40.11 k169.93 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Asia)

721.95 k216.94 k215.19 k219.4 k212.55 k864.08 k245.18 k239.24 k219.25 k227.79 k931.46 k234.22 k232.73 k246.37 k238.38 k951.71 k190.45 k251.2 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Europe)

1.01 m258.52 k277.95 k261.19 k258.32 k1.06 m262.34 k266.85 k235.03 k270.02 k1.03 m248.18 k262.13 k259.58 k272.58 k1.04 m194.65 k128.72 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Germany)

330.85 k77.84 k90.61 k87.18 k83.93 k339.56 k83.45 k88.17 k76.19 k97.14 k344.94 k80.75 k89.36 k92.19 k102.56 k364.86 k66.25 k43.72 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, NAFTA )

404.24 k95.52 k100.56 k96.89 k111.87 k404.84 k94.06 k98.63 k81.35 k106.59 k380.62 k84.42 k90.7 k90.99 k107.16 k373.26 k78.51 k68.04 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Rest of World)

95.85 k23.79 k25.67 k26.29 k23.76 k99.51 k23.46 k24.75 k21.34 k23.2 k92.75 k21.11 k21.57 k21.03 k25.21 k88.92 k19.63 k13.99 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, USA)

346.46 k80.16 k83.73 k80.94 k95.46 k340.29 k78.87 k80.66 k66.85 k90.85 k317.24 k71.4 k76.49 k76.81 k92.2 k316.9 k67.74 k59.45 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars,China)

493.93 k151.88 k154.79 k157.68 k152.39 k616.75 k176.31 k176.57 k167.91 k159.52 k680.3 k178.12 k174.2 k184.44 k170.23 k706.99 k139.92 k208.22 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Asia)

10.59 k3.31 k3.86 k4.33 k4.06 k15.56 k3.89 k3.92 k3.71 k4.71 k16.22 k4.21 k3.99 k4.67 k10.41 k38.56 k3.51 k4.72 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, China)

6.8 k2.12 k2.76 k2.99 k3.03 k10.9 k2.71 k2.93 k2.69 k3.61 k11.93 k2.85 k3.06 k3.48 k7.67 k29.45 k2.45 k4.12 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, EU30)

213.85 k49.2 k60.51 k53.82 k68.02 k231.56 k49.13 k56.85 k43.62 k74.12 k223.71 k53.45 k68.84 k57.08 k87.35 k298.06 k44.76 k37.73 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Germany)

78.81 k16.77 k21.95 k18.79 k27.33 k84.83 k17.23 k21.89 k17.71 k27.37 k84.2 k17.45 k26.57 k21.85 k37.38 k121.3 k16.41 k14.35 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Latin America)

13.31 k3.97 k3.89 k4.15 k4.15 k16.17 k3.74 k4.22 k4.33 k5.13 k17.42 k4.25 k4.43 k4.77 k5.12 k18.64 k3.41 k2.67 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, NAFTA )

43.71 k9.72 k11.11 k12.4 k12.05 k45.28 k10.39 k11.71 k14.31 k12.37 k48.78 k9.67 k11.66 k15.43 k18.4 k56.47 k9.02 k12.2 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Rest of World)

27.79 k5.94 k8.07 k7.62 k8.48 k30.11 k7.04 k7.92 k6.16 k6.82 k27.94 k4.29 k4.49 k4.31 k8.62 k26.66 k3.88 k4.04 k

Retail Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, USA)

34.3 k7.43 k8.37 k9.43 k9.77 k34.99 k8.19 k8.72 k11.11 k10.15 k38.18 k7.48 k8.55 k12.82 k16.54 k45.65 k7.53 k10.76 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Asia)

1.76 k5154395977972.35 k5807587611.07 k3.17 k8467166951.14 k3.4 k403133

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Brazil)

4.94 k1.4 k2.11 k2.08 k1.61 k7.2 k1.86 k2.48 k2.28 k2.16 k8.78 k2.23 k2.67 k3.47 k3.03 k11.39 k1.92 k920

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, EU30)

8.84 k1.39 k2.2 k1.86 k3.23 k8.69 k1.37 k2.18 k2.15 k3.59 k9.28 k9192.84 k2.47 k3.05 k9.28 k1.26 k1.23 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Germany)

3.06 k5098115681.17 k3.06 k4226935901.2 k2.9 k3429247691.01 k3.04 k531590

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Latin America)

9.84 k2.4 k3.45 k3.64 k3.25 k12.74 k3.11 k3.38 k3.45 k3.75 k13.68 k3.16 k3.71 k4.63 k4.14 k15.65 k2.39 k1.25 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Mexico)

3.78 k7381.02 k8468363.44 k4538398811.06 k3.24 k3826557908002.63 k448239

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, NAFTA )

3.83 k7571.04 k8528363.49 k4588399061.07 k3.27 k3826657978002.64 k448240

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Buses, Rest of World)

1.96 k3423742574421.42 k2303654794041.48 k2165053625561.64 k609236

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Asia)

125.45 k30 k35.68 k39.98 k42.97 k148.63 k37.68 k40.27 k42.3 k44.49 k164.74 k34.31 k33.98 k33.55 k33.38 k135.22 k30.65 k17.74 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Brazil)

12.1 k2.43 k2.92 k3.66 k4.38 k13.39 k4.03 k4.42 k5.95 k7 k21.4 k6.1 k7.3 k8.16 k8.14 k29.69 k5 k4.81 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, EU30)

79.77 k17.39 k20.43 k20.87 k23.61 k82.31 k17.25 k21.07 k21.87 k25.21 k85.39 k18.97 k19.84 k19.94 k21.08 k79.82 k13.2 k9.68 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Germany)

31.49 k6.46 k8.07 k8.1 k9.1 k31.73 k6.11 k7.84 k8.69 k10.3 k32.94 k6.58 k7.85 k8.62 k8.46 k31.5 k5.84 k4 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, India)

13.08 k3.74 k3.55 k4.86 k4.57 k16.72 k6.19 k5.8 k5.25 k5.29 k22.53 k5.55 k3.84 k2.67 k2.41 k14.47 k2.44 k840

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Indonesia)

27.95 k7.23 k9.82 k11.94 k13.73 k42.72 k12.5 k16.43 k17.75 k17.55 k64.23 k7.81 k9.96 k9.84 k11.47 k39.08 k7.91 k3.47 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Japan)

46.41 k11.61 k10.2 k11.86 k11.18 k44.85 k11.97 k10.39 k10.72 k10.95 k44.03 k10.98 k10.05 k11.68 k9.53 k42.24 k11.69 k7.76 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Latin America)

27.49 k6.32 k7.03 k7.98 k9.21 k30.54 k9.37 k7.91 k9.8 k11.08 k38.16 k8.68 k10.22 k11.57 k12.14 k42.6 k7 k6.21 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, NAFTA )

145.7 k32.91 k42.29 k45.29 k44.52 k165.01 k40.82 k44.35 k52.69 k51.81 k189.67 k47.83 k54.53 k53.24 k45.55 k201.15 k35.55 k20.02 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, Rest of World)

36.69 k7.38 k11 k12.44 k13.39 k44.21 k8.73 k10.31 k9.41 k10.94 k39.39 k6.14 k7.91 k7.08 k8.6 k29.73 k6.07 k4.3 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Daimler Trucks, USA)

121.58 k28.91 k35.86 k38.62 k36.83 k140.21 k34.81 k38.03 k44.71 k43.01 k160.56 k42.38 k45.59 k47.31 k38.91 k174.19 k31.41 k17.32 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Asia)

715.39 k210.73 k204.71 k219.29 k223.79 k858.52 k241.84 k223.3 k223.06 k232.88 k858.52 k221.65 k224.23 k240.34 k253.44 k939.66 k180.9 k236.45 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, China)

487.56 k154.56 k150.15 k153.27 k160.83 k618.81 k178.82 k166.92 k170.44 k161.57 k618.81 k173.15 k168.31 k173.32 k179.4 k694.18 k131.57 k196.17 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Europe)

979.72 k241.4 k270.43 k252.84 k249.11 k1.01 m244.18 k250.18 k223.56 k264.76 k1.01 m235.3 k244.79 k253.21 k258.92 k992.22 k189.19 k113.37 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Germany)

313.7 k74.07 k85.37 k82.81 k77.63 k319.87 k78.55 k81.93 k72.11 k91.17 k319.87 k78.08 k82.52 k85.08 k89.38 k335.06 k61.21 k39.53 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, NAFTA )

406.11 k93.18 k94.55 k98.15 k116.9 k402.79 k85.75 k96 k90.57 k120.29 k402.79 k75.96 k88.64 k89.97 k114.33 k368.91 k79.76 k49.07 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Rest of World)

96.74 k22.75 k25.48 k26.98 k23.22 k98.43 k22.54 k21.21 k22.35 k20.34 k98.43 k22.4 k17.98 k21.14 k23.14 k84.65 k20.74 k10.03 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Cars, USA)

347.21 k78.43 k77.61 k82.18 k99.72 k337.93 k70.49 k78.04 k75.98 k102.7 k337.93 k64.26 k75.5 k75.67 k97.73 k313.15 k68.53 k42.45 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Asia)

22.53 k6.79 k8.86 k9.11 k8.89 k33.64 k9.25 k10.82 k9.14 k9.57 k38.78 k8.97 k9.07 k10.11 k10.41 k38.56 k6.21 k10.58 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, China)

13.64 k4.4 k6.31 k6.76 k6.33 k23.8 k6.54 k7.47 k7.38 k7.68 k29.07 k6.13 k7.13 k8.52 k7.67 k29.45 k4.17 k9.51 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, EU30)

249.86 k60.54 k70.36 k58.97 k83.44 k273.3 k60.42 k71.32 k57.02 k89.51 k278.27 k66.56 k78.62 k65.52 k87.35 k298.06 k53.08 k42.94 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Germany)

96.13 k20.97 k27.44 k23.69 k33.69 k105.78 k22.34 k28.08 k22.4 k34.44 k107.27 k22.38 k32.67 k28.86 k37.38 k121.3 k21.63 k18.54 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Latin America)

12.5 k3.86 k3.97 k4.13 k4.41 k16.38 k3.82 k3.99 k4.65 k6.27 k18.74 k4.17 k4.9 k4.44 k5.12 k18.64 k2.74 k2.23 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, NAFTA )

43.35 k8.53 k11.96 k12.63 k11.7 k44.82 k11.27 k13.18 k13.05 k13.35 k50.85 k11.67 k12.34 k14.06 k18.4 k56.47 k7.29 k10.89 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, Rest of World)

30.86 k7.06 k8.25 k8.27 k9.31 k32.89 k8.25 k11.58 k7.55 k7.38 k34.77 k5.67 k6.18 k6.2 k8.62 k26.66 k6.85 k5.24 k

Wholesale Vehicles Sold (Mercedes-Benz Vans, USA)

33.75 k6.25 k8.99 k9.56 k9.36 k34.16 k8.75 k9.87 k9.63 k10.49 k38.74 k8.85 k8.87 k11.6 k16.54 k45.65 k6.35 k9.58 k

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Daimler's employees are reported to be approximately 19% female and 81% male.
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