Credit Suisse (CS) stock price, revenue, and financials

Credit Suisse market cap is $24.5 b, and annual revenue was CHF30.36 b in FY 2020

$24.5 B

CS Mkt cap, 22-Oct-2021

CHF6.6 B

Credit Suisse Revenue Q2, 2021
Credit Suisse Gross profit (Q2, 2021)5.1 B
Credit Suisse Gross profit margin (Q2, 2021), %77.7%
Credit Suisse Net income (Q2, 2021)247 M
Credit Suisse Cash, 30-Jun-2021146.4 B
Credit Suisse EV70.8 B
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Credit Suisse Revenue

Credit Suisse revenue was CHF30.36 b in FY, 2020 which is a 14.6% year over year decrease from the previous period.

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Credit Suisse Revenue Breakdown

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Credit Suisse revenue breakdown by business segment: 24.7% from Swiss Universal Bank, 40.1% from Investment Banking & Capital Markets, 13.9% from Asia Pacific and 21.3% from International Wealth Management

Credit Suisse revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 31.3% from Americas, 21.2% from EMEA, 28.6% from Switzerland and 18.9% from Asia Pacific

Credit Suisse Income Statement


CHFFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


General and administrative expense


Operating expense total


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income



Credit Suisse Balance Sheet


CHFFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020



Accounts Receivable






Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Short-term debt


Long-term debt


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Common Stock


Additional Paid-in Capital


Retained Earnings


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

4 x4.1 x4.2 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.2 x0.2 x0.2 x

Financial Leverage

17.5 x18 x18.8 x

Credit Suisse Cash Flow


CHFFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020

Net Income


Depreciation and Amortization


Cash From Operating Activities


Capital Expenditures


Cash From Investing Activities


Short-term Borrowings


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Interest Paid


Income Taxes Paid


Free Cash Flow


Credit Suisse Ratios

CHFQ1, 2018




4.6 x


0.2 x

Financial Leverage

18.9 x

Credit Suisse Operating Metrics

Credit Suisse's Assets Under Management was reported to be CHF1.6t in Q2, 2021. Credit Suisse's Total Deposits was reported to be CHF418.2b in Q2, 2021. Credit Suisse's Total Loans was reported to be CHF299.8b in Q2, 2021.
FY, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017FY, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018FY, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019FY, 2019Q1, 2020Q2, 2020Q3, 2020FY, 2020Q1, 2021Q2, 2021

Assets Under Management (Strategic Resolution Unit)

CHF13.7 bCHF7.8 bCHF6.7 bCHF5.9 bCHF5 bCHF2.6 bCHF2.5 bCHF2.4 bCHF500 m

Client Assets (Strategic Resolution Unit)

CHF19.8 bCHF13.2 bCHF11.1 bCHF10 bCHF8.5 bCHF5.2 bCHF4.9 bCHF4.6 bCHF2.4 b

Net New Assets Under Management (Strategic Resolution Unit)

(CHF8.5 b)(CHF1 b)(CHF500 m)(CHF500 m)(CHF2.5 b)(CHF100 m)(CHF100 m)(CHF300 m)

Advisory Assets Under Management

CHF846.8 bCHF870.8 bCHF877.6 bCHF898.8 bCHF923.6 bCHF924.7 bCHF935.5 bCHF940.3 bCHF904.4 bCHF970.2 bCHF990.7 bCHF1.01 tCHF1.02 tCHF920.4 bCHF975.3 bCHF997.2 bCHF1.03 tCHF1.09 tCHF1.11 t

Assets Under Management

CHF1.25 tCHF1.3 tCHF1.31 tCHF1.34 tCHF1.38 tCHF1.38 tCHF1.4 tCHF1.41 tCHF1.35 tCHF1.43 tCHF1.46 tCHF1.48 tCHF1.51 tCHF1.37 tCHF1.44 tCHF1.48 tCHF1.51 tCHF1.6 tCHF1.63 t

Assets Under Management (Asset Management, International Wealth Management)

CHF321.6 bCHF367.1 bCHF366 bCHF376.3 bCHF385.6 bCHF391.2 bCHF401.4 bCHF403.7 bCHF388.7 bCHF404.5 bCHF414 bCHF426 bCHF437.9 bCHF409.6 bCHF423.8 bCHF438.5 bCHF440.3 bCHF458 bCHF471.4 b

Assets Under Management (Corporate and Institutional Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

CHF288.6 bCHF348.9 bCHF352.5 bCHF346.7 bCHF354.7 bCHF352 bCHF355.8 bCHF360.2 bCHF348.7 bCHF395.9 bCHF410.7 bCHF424.6 bCHF436.4 bCHF405.3 bCHF427.4 bCHF441 bCHF462.6 bCHF487 bCHF504.8 b

Assets Under Management (Discretionary)

CHF404.3 bCHF433.4 bCHF429.7 bCHF446 bCHF452.5 bCHF455.2 bCHF462.9 bCHF465 bCHF442.9 bCHF461.1 bCHF469.2 bCHF475 bCHF489.7 bCHF450.1 bCHF468.1 bCHF481.1 bCHF483 bCHF506.5 bCHF524.3 b

Assets Under Management (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)

CHF169.9 bCHF177.4 bCHF177.8 bCHF190 bCHF196.8 bCHF199.1 bCHF205.6 bCHF207.5 bCHF201.7 bCHF219 bCHF218.7 bCHF222.4 bCHF220 bCHF197 bCHF215.8 bCHF218.5 bCHF221.3 bCHF241.9 bCHF236.3 b

Assets Under Management (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)

CHF323.2 bCHF336.2 bCHF336.4 bCHF355.3 bCHF366.9 bCHF370 bCHF370.7 bCHF368.4 bCHF357.5 bCHF356.4 bCHF363.1 bCHF365.2 bCHF370 bCHF327.7 bCHF344.5 bCHF352 bCHF365.4 bCHF386.2 bCHF399.5 b

Assets Under Management (Private Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

CHF242.9 bCHF198.2 bCHF201.5 bCHF206.1 bCHF208.3 bCHF206.7 bCHF207.9 bCHF209.3 bCHF198 bCHF210.7 bCHF214.7 bCHF214.2 bCHF217.6 bCHF194.8 bCHF201.8 bCHF2.06 tCHF208.6 bCHF213.1 bCHF217 b

Branches (Private Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)


Client Assets

CHF1.53 tCHF1.59 tCHF1.59 tCHF1.65 tCHF1.68 tCHF1.67 tCHF1.69 tCHF1.69 tCHF1.61 tCHF1.72 tCHF1.75 tCHF1.77 tCHF1.81 tCHF1.62 tCHF1.73 tCHF1.79 tCHF1.86 tCHF1.99 tCHF2.03 t

Client Assets (Asset Management, International Wealth Management)

CHF321.6 bCHF367.1 bCHF366 bCHF376.3 bCHF385.6 bCHF391.2 bCHF401.4 bCHF403.7 bCHF388.7 bCHF404.5 bCHF414 bCHF426 bCHF437.9 bCHF409.6 bCHF423.8 bCHF438.5 bCHF440.3 bCHF458 bCHF471.4 b

Client Assets (Corporate and Institutional Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

CHF393.1 bCHF457.7 bCHF463.5 bCHF471.7 bCHF463.8 bCHF456.4 bCHF457.6 bCHF463.9 bCHF454.5 bCHF493.5 bCHF508.5 bCHF522.1 bCHF534.4 bCHF498.9 bCHF522.3 bCHF536.2 bCHF562.2 bCHF593.5 bCHF614.3 b

Client Assets (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)

CHF202.8 bCHF219.1 bCHF223.4 bCHF242.7 bCHF255.5 bCHF255.3 bCHF263 bCHF254.9 bCHF245.4 bCHF274.1 bCHF272.7 bCHF272.1 bCHF275 bCHF244.2 bCHF278.3 bCHF294.4 bCHF315.4 bCHF350.5 bCHF342.1 b

Client Assets (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)

CHF423.4 bCHF437.8 bCHF430.5 bCHF450 bCHF466 bCHF468.5 bCHF468.3 bCHF460.5 bCHF430.5 bCHF457.9 bCHF460.9 bCHF468.6 bCHF474 bCHF398.9 bCHF426.9 bCHF441 bCHF465.5 bCHF499.8 bCHF515.8 b

Client Assets (Private Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

CHF273.2 bCHF226.2 bCHF229.5 bCHF234.6 bCHF241 bCHF239.6 bCHF239.7 bCHF245.4 bCHF231.2 bCHF247.3 bCHF254 bCHF254.1 bCHF260.4 bCHF237.2 bCHF250.1 bCHF254.6 bCHF262.5 bCHF275.8 bCHF287.8 b

Clients (Corporate & Institutional Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)

100 k100 k100 k100 k100 k

Clients (Private Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)

1.6 m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m

Consumer Loans

CHF145.09 bCHF148.14 bCHF149.74 bCHF151.61 bCHF152.3 bCHF154.75 bCHF155.28 bCHF153.78 bCHF153.78 bCHF156.36 bCHF158.2 bCHF159.19 bCHF170.5 bCHF154.51 bCHF163.98 bCHF166.55 bCHF167.95 bCHF173.85 bCHF173.36 b



Countries (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)


Countries (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)


Deposits from Banks and Financial Institutions

CHF22.8 bCHF20.82 bCHF17.65 bCHF17.5 bCHF15.41 bCHF18.86 bCHF17.46 bCHF16.73 bCHF15.22 bCHF18.78 bCHF18.5 bCHF20.08 bCHF16.74 bCHF25.39 bCHF18.02 bCHF19.11 bCHF16.42 bCHF19.42 bCHF20.95 b

Deposits from Customers

CHF355.83 bCHF352.09 bCHF356.67 bCHF354.39 bCHF361.16 bCHF368.38 bCHF367.41 bCHF349.82 bCHF363.93 bCHF367.15 bCHF364.3 bCHF374.87 bCHF383.78 bCHF389.91 bCHF389 bCHF388.26 bCHF390.92 bCHF406.07 bCHF397.3 b

Loans Collateralized by Securities

CHF37.27 bCHF39.46 bCHF40.28 bCHF41.88 bCHF42.02 bCHF44.09 bCHF44.03 bCHF42.09 bCHF42.03 bCHF43.13 bCHF44.32 bCHF44.21 bCHF56.43 bCHF39.74 bCHF48.98 bCHF50.52 bCHF51.79 bCHF56.28 bCHF54.57 b

Loans to Banks and Financial Institutions

CHF17.92 bCHF16.06 bCHF14.58 bCHF14.83 bCHF15.7 bCHF16.47 bCHF16.95 bCHF17.41 bCHF18.49 bCHF18.49 bCHF16.93 bCHF19.71 bCHF20.37 bCHF95.26 bCHF20.05 bCHF18.46 bCHF19.07 bCHF21.35 bCHF21.02 b

Loans to Customers (Commercial and Industrial)

CHF83.74 bCHF82.71 bCHF80.41 bCHF80.01 bCHF81.67 bCHF83.46 bCHF86.76 bCHF84.28 bCHF85.7 bCHF88.31 bCHF87.73 bCHF88.36 bCHF73.5 bCHF95.26 bCHF79.34 bCHF75.33 bCHF74.1 bCHF76.53 bCHF73.92 b

Loans to Customers (Consumer Finance)

CHF3.49 bCHF4.01 bCHF4.03 bCHF3.85 bCHF4.24 bCHF4.19 bCHF4.17 bCHF4.4 bCHF3.91 bCHF4.54 bCHF4.97 bCHF5.39 bCHF4.4 bCHF5.29 bCHF4.98 bCHF5.12 bCHF4.89 bCHF5.89 bCHF6.57 b

Loans to Customers (Corporate and Institutional)

CHF131.95 bCHF129.23 bCHF125.16 bCHF125.27 bCHF127.84 bCHF130.08 bCHF133.4 bCHF131.77 bCHF134.81 bCHF137.69 bCHF136.59 bCHF1.4 tCHF127.34 bCHF149.71 bCHF132.11 bCHF126.4 bCHF125.59 bCHF131.97 bCHF127.99 b

Loans to Customers (Governments and Public Institutions)

CHF4.27 bCHF4.24 bCHF4.04 bCHF4.01 bCHF3.87 bCHF3.83 bCHF3.92 bCHF3.87 bCHF3.89 bCHF4.03 bCHF4.07 bCHF4.22 bCHF4.26 bCHF3.8 bCHF3.63 bCHF3.76 bCHF3.78 bCHF3.77 bCHF3.58 b

Loans to Customers (Mortgages)

CHF104.34 bCHF104.68 bCHF105.43 bCHF105.89 bCHF106.04 bCHF106.47 bCHF107.09 bCHF107.3 bCHF107.85 bCHF108.7 bCHF108.92 bCHF109.58 bCHF109.67 bCHF109.48 bCHF110.02 bCHF110.91 bCHF111.27 bCHF111.68 bCHF112.22 b

Loans to Customers (Real Estate)

CHF26.02 bCHF26.23 bCHF26.14 bCHF26.42 bCHF26.6 bCHF26.33 bCHF25.78 bCHF26.2 bCHF26.73 bCHF26.87 bCHF27.86 bCHF28.04 bCHF29.22 bCHF29.71 bCHF29.1 bCHF28.85 bCHF29.05 bCHF30.32 bCHF29.46 b

Locations (Corporate & Institutional Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)


Locations (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)


Locations (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)


Net New Assets Under Management

CHF26.8 bCHF24.4 bCHF12.1 b(CHF1.8 b)CHF37.8 bCHF25.1 bCHF15.4 bCHF16.6 bCHF56.5 bCHF35.8 bCHF23.2 bCHF12.8 bCHF79.3 bCHF5.8 bCHF9.8 bCHF18 bCHF42 bCHF28.4 b(CHF4.7 b)

Net New Assets Under Management (Asset Management, International Wealth Management)

CHF5.6 bCHF15 bCHF2.8 bCHF1.1 bCHF20.3 bCHF9 bCHF8 bCHF4.5 bCHF22.2 b(CHF500 m)CHF8.6 bCHF5.9 bCHF21.5 bCHF100 mCHF4.1 bCHF5 bCHF15.5 bCHF10.3 bCHF1.3 b

Net New Assets Under Management (Corporate and Institutional Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

CHF4.3 b(CHF13.7 b)(CHF13.9 b)CHF3.8 bCHF900 mCHF1.8 bCHF8.6 bCHF27.6 bCHF8.9 bCHF6.3 bCHF45.3 bCHF4.8 bCHF1.6 bCHF3.5 bCHF13.7 bCHF3.9 bCHF1.5 b

Net New Assets Under Management (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)

CHF13.6 bCHF5.3 bCHF4.5 bCHF5.8 bCHF16.9 bCHF6.2 bCHF3.4 bCHF6.4 bCHF17.2 bCHF5 mCHF2.8 bCHF2.6 bCHF8.7 bCHF3 bCHF4.5 bCHF2.2 bCHF8.6 bCHF5 b(CHF6.1 b)

Net New Assets Under Management (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)

CHF15.6 bCHF4.7 bCHF4.6 bCHF3.6 bCHF15.6 bCHF5.5 bCHF5.2 bCHF3 bCHF14.2 bCHF1.3 bCHF5.5 bCHF3.6 bCHF11 bCHF3.7 bCHF1.8 bCHF6.9 bCHF16.7 bCHF7.2 b(CHF300 m)

Net New Assets Under Management (Private Clients, Swiss Universal Bank)

(CHF1.7 b)CHF2 bCHF1.7 bCHF1 bCHF4.7 bCHF2.7 bCHF500 mCHF900 mCHF3 bCHF3.3 bCHF1.2 b(CHF600 m)CHF3.4 b(CHF4.2 b)(CHF1.6 b)CHF2 b(CHF5.9 b)CHF2.2 b(CHF900 m)

Relationship Managers (Corporate & Institutional Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)


Relationship Managers (Private Banking, Asia Pacific)


Relationship Managers (Private Banking, International Wealth Management)

1.14 k1.12 k1.12 k1.13 k1.13 k1.13 k1.12 k1.12 k1.11 k1.15 k1.18 k1.17 k1.15 k1.16 k1.17 k1.13 k1.14 k1.14 k1.14 k

Relationship Managers (Private Banking, Swiss Universal Bank)

1.49 k1.33 k1.31 k1.3 k1.3 k1.31 k1.29 k1.27 k1.26 k1.28 k1.29 k1.28 k1.28 k1.32 k1.33 k1.31 k1.29 k1.76 k1.78 k

Total Deposits

CHF378.63 bCHF372.91 bCHF374.33 bCHF371.88 bCHF376.58 bCHF387.24 bCHF384.87 bCHF366.54 bCHF379.15 bCHF385.93 bCHF382.8 bCHF394.95 bCHF400.53 bCHF415.3 bCHF407.01 bCHF407.37 bCHF407.34 bCHF425.49 bCHF418.25 b

Total Loans

CHF275.98 bCHF276.37 bCHF273.87 bCHF275.85 bCHF279.15 bCHF283.85 bCHF287.66 bCHF284.51 bCHF287.58 bCHF292.97 bCHF293.8 bCHF298.47 bCHF296.78 bCHF302.67 bCHF294.31 bCHF291.26 bCHF291.91 bCHF304.19 bCHF299.84 b

Credit Suisse Human Capital

FY, 2019FY, 2018FY, 2017
Male (Senior Management), percent24.7%25.2%25.6%
Female (Senior Management), percent7%6.7%6.4%
Male (Executive Board), percent23.7%24%29.2%
Female (Executive Board), percent7.9%8%
Male, percent19.9%20.4%20.5%
Female, percent11.7%11.5%11.5%

Credit Suisse Employee Rating

3.97728 votes
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