Coherent revenue decreased from $1.9 billion in 2018 to $1.4 billion in 2019, a (24.8%) decrease.

Annual Revenue ($)

Coherent revenue was $1.43 b in FY, 2019 which is a (24.8%) year over year decrease from the previous period.

Quarterly Revenue ($)

FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019
Revenue$857.39 m$1.72 b$1.9 b$1.43 b
Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019Q1, 2020Q2, 2020
Revenue$346.07 m$422.83 m$464.11 m$477.57 m$481.12 m$482.34 m$383.15 m$372.86 m$339.17 m$320.77 m$293.15 m

Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

Coherent revenue breakdown by business segment: 62.0% from OEM Laser Sources and 38.0% from Industrial Lasers & Systems

Coherent revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 10.2% from Germany, 10.4% from Europe, other, 13.6% from China, 21.9% from South Korea, 23.7% from United States, 9.6% from Japan, 6.5% from Asia-Pacific, other and 4.0% from Other

FY, 2019FY, 2018FY, 2017FY, 2016
Specialty Laser Systems$631.31 m
Commercial Lasers and Components$226.07 m
Industrial Lasers & Systems$543.96 m$643.1 m$579.69 m
OEM Laser Sources$886.68 m$1.26 b$1.14 b
FY, 2019FY, 2018FY, 2017FY, 2016
Asia-Pacific, other$93.39 m$124.73 m$107.71 m$36.36 m
Japan$138.03 m$180.22 m$154.99 m$193.42 m
Rest of World$57.56 m$61.38 m$64.23 m$44.9 m
United States$339.59 m$309.5 m$297.7 m$204.96 m
South Korea$313.46 m$652.31 m$628.37 m$287.91 m
China$194.65 m$235.57 m$162.32 m$63.05 m
Europe, other$148.68 m$171.94 m$162.16 m$55.35 m
Germany$145.29 m$166.93 m$145.84 m$71.43 m

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