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To be the Source of Truth on companies - all data on all companies


To empower every knowledge worker in the world with access to the best possible business insight and intelligence.

Craft Values

    • We aim to deliver excellence for our customers.
    • We work hard to earn and keep customer trust.
    • We aim to understand customer needs and service those in an efficient way.
    • We think from the perspective of the client in everything that we build and deliver.
    • We act for the greater good of the organization, not our self-interest.
    • We respect and listen to others, seeking to understand their perspective.
    • We communicate frequently with other teams.
    • We seek transparency by sharing information openly and proactively.
    • We encourage and accept feedback from everyone.
    • We are thoughtful and straightforward in how we deliver feedback to make sure it is effective.
    • No jerks!
    • We use “we” vs. “I.”
    • We believe disagreement and debate are healthy.
    • We understand the best ideas are implemented, regardless of who owns the idea.
    • We are comfortable saying “I don’t know” and asking for help from someone who can assist with solving the problem.
    • We are eager to understand how the result of our work is being used.
    • We strive for excellence and inspire others to do the same.
    • We have fun, enjoy our work, and like spending time with our colleagues.
    • We are curious about new possibilities and are always seeking to improve ourselves and the company.
    • We use data to support opinions and engage in healthy debate.
    • We use data to understand the upside and downside of any decision.
    • We seek feedback to inform constant improvements.
    • We encourage diversity of thought.
    • We own our mistakes.
    • We believe each project has an owner and encourage others to act as leaders.
    • We never say “That is not my job."
    • We act on behalf of the entire company, instead of just our own team.
    • We think outside the box and encourage others to do so, as well.
    • We are able to work with limited resources and are “scrappy”.
    • We find the root cause of problems and prevent them from happening again.
    • We think about new ways to minimize complexity in everything that we do.


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