£12.9 M

Cambridge Maintenance Services Revenue FY, 2016
Cambridge Maintenance Services Gross profit (FY, 2016)3.3 M
Cambridge Maintenance Services Gross profit margin (FY, 2016), %25.4%
Cambridge Maintenance Services Net income (FY, 2016)135.6 K
Cambridge Maintenance Services EBITDA (FY, 2016)491.8 K
Cambridge Maintenance Services EBIT (FY, 2016)343.2 K
Cambridge Maintenance Services Cash, 31-Dec-20161 M

Cambridge Maintenance Services Revenue

Cambridge Maintenance Services revenue was £12.95 m in FY, 2016

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Cambridge Maintenance Services Funding

Cambridge Maintenance Services Income Statement


GBPFY, 2000FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016


592.5 k7.7 m9.6 m14.2 m15.8 m12.9 m

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

384.6 k5.9 m7.3 m10.8 m11.8 m9.7 m

Gross profit

207.8 k1.7 m2.3 m3.4 m4.1 m3.3 m

Gross profit Margin, %


Operating expense total

131.2 k1.4 m1.7 m2.4 m3.2 m2.9 m


429 k760.9 k1.2 m1.1 m491.8 k

EBITDA margin, %



76.7 k361 k648 k1 m912.2 k343.2 k

EBIT margin, %


Pre tax profit

78.9 k370 k656.3 k1 m884.3 k211.2 k

Income tax expense

(13.9 k)(64.8 k)(152 k)(199.7 k)(168.9 k)(75.5 k)

Net Income

65 k305.3 k504.2 k820.1 k715.4 k135.6 k

Cambridge Maintenance Services Balance Sheet


GBPFY, 1998FY, 1999FY, 2000FY, 2001FY, 2002FY, 2003FY, 2004FY, 2005FY, 2006FY, 2007FY, 2008FY, 2009FY, 2010FY, 2011FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016


36.4 k68.5 k65.1 k87.2 k64.4 k22.1 k32.1 k34.4 k110.7 k189.8 k583.6 k452.6 k504.1 k729 k683.4 k1 m1.2 m1.9 m1 m

Accounts Receivable

115.8 k409.7 k513.5 k411.1 k785.9 k947 k1.3 m1.8 m2.4 m3.4 m2.5 m2.2 m


9.2 k12.8 k15.3 k20.3 k13.9 k21.4 k16.1 k2 k12 k3.6 k

Current Assets

80 k162.5 k212.3 k211.4 k256.9 k211.9 k317.3 k470.9 k522.4 k703.3 k994.7 k1.2 m1.5 m2.2 m2.8 m3.8 m4.6 m5 m3.9 m


13.2 k13.1 k33.3 k37.3 k201.3 k385.1 k401.9 k235.6 k244.6 k246.4 k258.6 k293.4 k152.2 k168 k203.9 k338.4 k1.3 m1.2 m719.6 k


83.2 k

Total Assets

93.1 k175.6 k245.6 k248.6 k458.2 k597 k719.2 k706.5 k767 k949.7 k1.3 m1.5 m1.6 m2.3 m3 m4.1 m7.1 m7.5 m6.2 m

Accounts Payable

64 k266.7 k365.2 k742.8 k723.4 k917.7 k1.5 m3.6 m1.6 m1.3 m

Current Liabilities

70.1 k87 k99 k120 k121.5 k137.4 k196.8 k247.8 k266.7 k365.2 k563.5 k658.1 k742.8 k1.4 m1.7 m2.4 m3.6 m3.3 m2.3 m

Non-Current Liabilities

92 k192.3 k186.5 k94.5 k78.7 k78.3 k76 k79.6 k58.3 k1.1 m1 m596 k

Total Debt

54.6 k31.9 k

Total Liabilities

70.1 k87 k99 k120 k213.5 k329.7 k383.3 k342.3 k345.4 k443.5 k639.4 k737.7 k742.8 k1.4 m1.7 m2.4 m4.6 m4.3 m2.9 m

Additional Paid-in Capital

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 70 70

Retained Earnings

58 k235.3 k469.2 k816.8 k679.9 k130.2 k

Total Equity

23 k88.6 k146.6 k128.6 k244.7 k267.3 k335.8 k364.2 k421.7 k506.2 k613.8 k794.2 k860.5 k989.8 k1.2 m1.7 m2.5 m3.2 m3.3 m

Debt to Equity Ratio

0 x0 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0 x0 x

Financial Leverage

4.1 x2 x1.7 x1.9 x1.9 x2.2 x2.1 x1.9 x1.8 x1.9 x2 x1.9 x1.9 x2.4 x2.4 x2.4 x2.8 x2.3 x1.9 x

Cambridge Maintenance Services Cash Flow


GBPFY, 2000FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016

Net Income

65 k305.3 k504.2 k820.1 k715.4 k135.6 k

Cash From Operating Activities

108.7 k724 k1.7 m1.1 m17.7 k

Dividends Paid

7 k70 k35 k6.3 k5 k

Cash From Financing Activities

987.7 k(54.5 k)(663.2 k)

Net Change in Cash

(45.6 k)333.9 k183 k696.9 k(853.1 k)

Income Taxes Paid

(152 k)(199.7 k)(168.9 k)

Cambridge Maintenance Services Ratios

GBPY, 2016


322 k

Financial Leverage

1.9 x
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