Are you wasting time searching multiple sources for data on companies?

Craft structures hard-to-find company data from thousands of sources.

We track 225+ data points on companies through time, generating powerful signals that can drive decisions for your business.

Craft Intelligence Products

  • Sales Intelligence
    • Prioritize your leads.
    • Focus your sales efforts on the most qualified prospects to close deals faster.
    • Key signals: new decision maker, increased hiring in your target area, growth in KPIs
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  • Supply chain Intelligence
    • Reduce risks in your supply chain.
    • React quickly to early warning signals.
    • Key signals: decreased headcount, executive departed, decline in KPIs or financial ratios
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  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Stay ahead of your competitors.
    • Monitor changes to inform your tactics and strategy.
    • Key signals: new executive hire, changes in: job openings, headcount, KPIs
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  • Innovation Radar
    • Discover and track new startups.
    • Identify high growth companies to Invest in, acquire, or partner with.
    • Key signals: increased hiring, funding round announcement, new office locations
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Craft hunts, structures and blends hard-to-find data from

  • 9MCompany websites
  • 25KBusiness news sources
  • 30+Information platforms

Flexible data formats to fit into your existing workflow and requirements.

Craft API

Built in GraphQL, we make it easy to fetch all the information you need on a specific company, with a single API call.

Get more information on our API:API IntroductionAPI Endpoint
Custom reports

Data customized and packaged just for you. Get a user-friendly visualization of data and metrics delivered in a spreadsheet or other convenient format.



We don’t charge by API call or per seat license. Our simple subscription pricing is based on the number of companies you track and gives you unlimited use of the data across your organization.

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