Brooks Automation revenue increased from $631.6 million in 2018 to $780.8 million in 2019, a (23.6%) increase.

Annual Revenue ($)

Brooks Automation revenue was $780.85 m in FY, 2019 which is a (23.6%) year over year increase from the previous period.

Quarterly Revenue ($)

FY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019
Revenue$692.89 m$631.56 m$780.85 m
Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019Q1, 2020Q2, 2020Q3, 2020Q1, 2021Q2, 2021
Revenue$159.96 m$169.33 m$181.72 m$189.33 m$207.26 m$223.48 m$179.37 m$198.39 m$203.88 m$210.5 m$220.23 m$220.35 m$249.5 m$286.59 m

Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

Brooks Automation revenue breakdown by business segment: 42.8% from Brooks Life Science Systems and 57.2% from Brooks Semiconductor Solutions Group

Brooks Automation revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 41.9% from North America , 6.2% from United Kingdom, 40.0% from Asia / Pacific / Other and 11.9% from Rest of Europe

FY, 2019FY, 2018FY, 2017
Brooks Semiconductor Solutions Group$446.67 m$435.02 m$544.18 m
Brooks Life Science Systems$334.18 m$196.54 m$148.71 m
FY, 2019FY, 2018FY, 2017
Rest of Europe$92.6 m$83.92 m$80.55 m
Asia / Pacific / Other$312.24 m$262.71 m$327.86 m
United Kingdom$48.79 m$51.69 m$42.14 m
North America $327.25 m$233.24 m$242.33 m

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