Annual Revenue (£)

Britvic revenue was £1.50 b in FY, 2018

FY, 2005FY, 2006FY, 2007FY, 2008FY, 2009FY, 2010FY, 2011FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Revenue£698.20 m£677.90 m£716.30 m£926.50 m£978.80 m£1.14 b£1.29 b£1.26 b£1.32 b£1.34 b£1.30 b£1.43 b£1.54 b£1.50 b
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Annual Growth Rate (%)

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

Britvic revenue breakdown by business segment: 8.6% from Brazil, 18.3% from France, 10.7% from Ireland, 40.1% from GB Carbs, 18.5% from GB Stills and 3.7% from Other

Britvic revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 8.6% from Brazil, 18.7% from France, 9.3% from Republic of Ireland, 61.7% from United Kingdom and 1.6% from Other

FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017
International52.10 m51.30 m57.30 m
France240.30 m244.50 m282.70 m
Ireland120.40 m133.90 m164.70 m
GB Carbs565.70 m607.70 m617.80 m
GB Stills321.60 m304.40 m285.20 m
Brazil89.50 m133.10 m
FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017
Other7.20 m19.10 m25.30 m
France252.70 m250.90 m288.30 m
Republic of Ireland100.80 m112 m142.90 m
United Kingdom939.40 m959.80 m951.20 m
Brazil89.50 m133.10 m
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