BLOG POST • 14 September 2017Want to Be Paid Fairly? Join a Tech Company with More Women Executives

4th Jan 2016

Jobs and Hiring in the Music Streaming SectorJobs and Hiring in the Music Streaming Sector

At Craft, one of the data-points we collect daily is the number of jobs a company is advertising on its careers page. Read More

30th Nov 2015

Innovation for Jobs day at the House of LordsInnovation for Jobs day at the House of Lords

Last Thursday, Craft participated in the “Innovation for Jobs” (I4J) ecosystem meeting at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Jim Knight. Read More

13th Oct 2015

Our contribution to Trickle Up EconomicsOur contribution to Trickle Up Economics

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an uplifting post out called Trickle Up Economics Read More

15th Aug 2015

Money is Cheap, Talent is ExpensiveMoney is Cheap, Talent is Expensive

Charles Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, recently gave what Forbes called quote of the year, about the historically low interest rates that continue in the global economy Read More

14th Apr 2015

How to improve job searchHow to improve job search

With 87% of the workforce disengaged at work (up from 70% previously) and 63% of CEOs calling availability of skills a serious concern (up from 58% previously), it is easy to argue that today’s method… Read More

21st Mar 2015

On-demand economy - a worker’s eye viewOn-demand economy - a worker’s eye view

The Economist recently wrote an authoritative exploration of the On-demand economy. We wanted to note some thoughts on the impact and consequences for workers in the sector. Read More

15th Feb 2015

The problem with Recruitment isn't solved by a new ATSThe problem with Recruitment isn't solved by a new ATS

I’ve been playing around with a few new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solutions, and the available software has definitely come a long way since Taleo. Read More

10th Feb 2015

A comparison of US vs UK startup compensationA comparison of US vs UK startup compensation

Earlier today, Mike Butcher at Techcrunch published a 2014 Startup Salary Survey focused on UK startups, created by Gordon & Eden, Enternships, Seedcamp and ICE. Read More

2nd Feb 2015

We really love Buffer, and the transparency movementWe really love Buffer, and the transparency movement

Buffer is leading the charge on a trend that we think is so positive and leaves in the dust one of the most out-dated aspects of Industrial era business - default secrecy. Read More

21st Jan 2015

Labour: no longer the fool in the marketLabour: no longer the fool in the market

In 2014, we are seeing the strongest secular movement towards entrepreneurship perhaps in all history. A recent study conducted by Deloitte showed 70 percent of millennials want to start their own bus… Read More

10th Jan 2015

The poor state of Online Job SearchThe poor state of Online Job Search

It's a bold and powerful observation, because it cuts to the heart of a prevailing fallacy that Search is done, no-one and nothing can improve on Google, and in all markets where SEO has been fought a… Read More

25th Dec 2014

Our favorite FinTech startup in the world - StripeOur favorite FinTech startup in the world - Stripe

Having spent several weeks analyzing and looking through a variety of very exciting companies in the Financial Technology space, we believe that Stripe represents the top employment opportunity in the… Read More

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