Craft beta launch, early response and feedback

It’s been a month since we unveiled in beta, and we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve received, which has been encouraging, humbling, and leaves our team incredibly excited about the road ahead.

It’s been a month since we unveiled in beta, and we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve received, which has been encouraging, humbling, and leaves our team incredibly excited about the road ahead.

To recap, we spent over six months building pipelines to multiple data-sources; a structured data architecture to store, collect and update data-points on companies and sectors; as well as individual connectors to companies’ websites and Jobs pages.

By January, we had pulled in over 1.8 million datapoints on 264,000 companies with operations in 102 countries, offering more than 300,000 job openings.

We got a great write up in Fast Company which really captured the essence of why we’re building Craft:

  • “Moving jobs is a bit like moving house … it’s not a decision taken without gathering as much information you possibly can”,
  • “The site is aimed at the world’s workforce, and will be free for them”,
  • “Each firm can create an About Us page that actually speaks to potential employees”, and ultimately
  • “More transparency will eventually make the world a better place—a bit of truthiness always brightens up the workplace.”

Since then we’ve been picked up a few more times, thank you, and there are more coming.

Thousands of visitors have hit the site, viewed company profiles, and a whopping 18% have entrusted us with their email address to receive further updates. As our signup button says: “Craft is in beta mode so please excuse our dust while we get fixed up and add lots of data.” And we mean it - we’re working hard to scrub data and add the features we know we need to make this a really powerful application for anyone conducting a career search, or researching companies for any reason.

On the Employer side, the response was far beyond what we expected. Companies from across the world, ranging from 50 employees to 40,000, from core software to financial services to industrial-grade logistics have all reached out to us to ask how they can use Craft to tell their story, and we’ve launched a number of client engagements. If you want to tell your story to talent and would like to be featured on Craft, please get in touch: [email protected]

In the existing recruitment ecosystem, we’ve been contacted by both Recruiters and Job boards asking how we can work together. Recruiters need to tell candidates about target companies, for example, to set them up to have a good interview, and Craft profiles are an efficient way to do that.

And we’ve spoken with some of the most powerful online job boards who have confirmed that Context around job listings is a big missing piece of the puzzle.

One of the most interesting questions we’ve received is: do people want to search for jobs by picking an Industry/Sector and viewing a list of companies, rather than picking a Job title and viewing a list of jobs, which is the prevalent way of online job search today. We don’t know for sure and we’re not locked into any one way of searching vs. any other. As a multi-dimensional structured database, we want to let people search by whatever parameter they like, and our current entry-point, Industry-Sector is only the first hypothesis.

But one of the reasons we started building Craft was seeing how many people are disengaged at work - doing something that doesn’t excite them - a horrifying 87% according to Gallup. And we think one of the biggest causes of that is the current job search process, that starts with a job title and searches for openings with that title. We felt that if people started with questions like: what kind of problems do I want to solve at work? what type of people do i want to work with?, call it “mission alignment”, they will find a longer-lasting, more productive fit.

So far, we have heard from people at various career stages across many sectors, that this is a meaningful way to search, and we’re excited to facilitate it.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken a look at Craft. We’re in the first minutes of a long journey, and it’s really exciting to feel that the proposition we’ve been working to deliver is relevant and timely. If you have questions or feedback for us, we’d love to chat with you. Email [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter @craftdotco

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