BLOG POST • 7 April 2017Cloudera’s IPO – Do investors still have high hopes for big data?
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Cloudera Inc. filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) a week ago to raise up to $200 million in its long-awaited public debut. Read More

3rd Apr 2017

Gender Diversity in Early-stage Silicon Valley Technology CompaniesThumb ca4ca54410b2c1e6

From Craft’s database of Human Capital metrics, we pulled gender diversity data for just over 500 technology firms headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on those with less than 100 ... Read More

4th Feb 2017

Intense competition, No shareholder control and Sky-high valuation - Will Snapchat IPO succeed ?Thumb 3fd6fe4464e722c7

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, on Thursday, filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise an estimated $3 billion. Read More

30th Nov 2016

How to Pick a Startup to Work AtThumb 0521f4e359ce0067

Startups today attract huge levels of attention and interest, and every year, more and more people are choosing to work for a Startup rather than an established company. Read More

12th Oct 2016

How Millennials executed the most effective Industrial Action in historyThumb 09536f7f90bf829c

Read a few articles about Millennials at work, and you’ll get the sense of an entitled generation, that made outrageous demands of their Gen-X bosses. Read More

10th Jun 2016

What's Next in finding careers?Thumb c052ebd924de6c77

Over the past year, the rush to self-tracking seems to have quieted, under a recurring question: “what’s the value of all this data?” Read More

29th Mar 2016

Inventing the Talent Asset Pricing ModelThumb f82d06bd5399d258

We know that economic productivity comes from 3 primary drivers: Land, Capital and Talent (usually called Labour). Read More

28th Feb 2016

Picking metrics to measure the Innovation EconomyThumb 43b132164ba01341

At Craft, we aim to cover the full range of activity across the “Innovation Economy.” And while venture-backed Startups attract a huge proportion of the attention and buzz today, we think it’s also... Read More

4th Jan 2016

Jobs and Hiring in the Music Streaming SectorThumb 303babb249489fe3

At Craft, one of the data-points we collect daily is the number of jobs a company is advertising on its careers page. Read More

30th Nov 2015

Innovation for Jobs day at the House of LordsThumb 945e8ab2b0311623

Last Thursday, Craft participated in the “Innovation for Jobs” (I4J) ecosystem meeting at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Jim Knight. Read More

13th Oct 2015

Our contribution to Trickle Up EconomicsThumb 48a00d84b6a0ece0

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an uplifting post out called Trickle Up Economics Read More

15th Aug 2015

Money is Cheap, Talent is ExpensiveThumb ac56b5019c08f1e7

Charles Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, recently gave what Forbes called quote of the year, about the historically low interest rates that continue in the global economy Read More

14th Apr 2015

How to improve job searchThumb d0476bb61c2ff53f

With 87% of the workforce disengaged at work (up from 70% previously) and 63% of CEOs calling availability of skills a serious concern (up from 58% previously), it is easy to argue that today’s met... Read More

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