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        • bigo
        • Singapore, SG
        • HQ
        • Singapore, SG
        • Employees
        • 2,050
        • User Operation

          Responsibilities: 1. Advanced in features and how to play livestreaming, understand the needs and psychology of VIP users 2. Responsible for building contact…

        • Test Engineer

          Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for mobile app testing, develop the plans and solutions for testing, complete the test case and the whole perform test proces…

        • Compliance Officer

          Responsibilities: 1. Managing effective work relationships with partner banks and vendors in Singapore 2. Develop, maintain, and revise policies and procedur…

        • Senior Machine Learning Algorithm Engineer (Network Transmission)

          Responsibilities: 1. Apply Machine Learning (DL/RL) tools to design/optimize/deploy algorithms for network transport tasks over a variety of network types, e.…

        • Network Transmission Algorithm Engineer

          Responsibilities: 1. Develop and optimize network transmission algorithm, such as congestion control, loss recovery, jitter algorithm, adaptive bitrate stream…

        • Technical Recruitor

          Responsibilities: 1. Manage end to end recruitment for technology and other teams in Singapore; 2. Work closely with respective team leaders and respond to b…

        • Senior Computer Graphics Algorithm Engineer

          Responsibilities: 1.Perform R&D of the state-of-art computer graphics and animation techniques. 2.Utilize machine learning / deep learning tools to solve…

        • Senior Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer

          Responsibilities: 1.Perform R&D for AI-based computer vision techniques. 2.Develop new video editing and computer vision algorithms for our short video a…

        • Machine Learning Engineer - Recommendations Platform

          Responsiblities: 1.research and develop of indexing technology, search, neural network and other machine learning platforms. 2.develop large scale realtime f…

        • Big Data Engineer

          "Responsibilities: 1.Participate in all stack processing system for the company's massive user behavior logs including receiving, transmitting, and analyzing.…

        • Speech Algorithm Engineer

          Responsibilities: 1. Apply machine learning and deep learning techniques in audio related areas. 2. Perform research in audio related areas. Requirements: …

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