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We are a competitive Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Strainers, Filters, Separators, Coalescers & Flame Arresters, predominantly for the Oil & Gas Industry. We are experts in project design and project management, focused to achieve on-time delivery of strainer and filtration equipment to meet complex project specifications for materials, manufacture, NDE, documentation and Quality Control.
We now have two manufacturing plants in the Midlands (UK) our head office where our mainline equipment is manufactured and a wholly owned pipework / vessel fabrication facility RGR Fabricating & Welding Services Limited and we also wholly own a competitive manufacturing plant based in Goa in India which provides fully machined and tested cast products sourced from high quality ISO approved foundries in India.

Worcestershire, GB
Barton Firtop is headquartered in Worcestershire, GB

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Worcestershire, GB

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