Amiato's real-time integration service moves your data to where it's most valuable to you. Today's flexible databases like MongoDB and CouchBase let agile businesses accelerate and scale their operations, but analyzing their data has been elusive. Amiato unlocks the value of that unstructured data by bridging the gap to familiar tools in the rich structured world of BI, all with zero manual work. Run reports, do interactive ad-hoc analysis, and combine disparate silos. Our Schema-lift (TM) technology allows you to immediately integrate new endpoints and seamlessly keep up with changes in your data. We get customers up and running in a day instead of weeks, and let them focus on business instead of wrestling infrastructure.
Palo Alto, US
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Amiato was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, US

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Palo Alto, US

Market Position – analytics, Technology, database, infrastructure, enterprise software

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